Thursday, November 1, 2007


11/01/07 –- Today I visited Montell. Officer Schott escorted me to the Infirmary. When we got to Montell’s room he was lying in a fetal position on his right side. I asked him if he felt well and he shook his head “no’. He then reached for my hand so that he could hold it. I noticed that he was extremely warm which is quite unusual because normally his body is cold. I asked what his temperature was but no one bother to tell me while I was there. I pulled one of his blankets down but he wanted it back up around his neck and also wanted me to hold his hand under the blankets as well. I also noticed and timed that he was having spasms quite often. He had 47 spasms within a ten minutes timeframe in his left leg. His left leg was lying on top of his right leg and there was a pillow separating them. The spasms constantly came in his left leg while I was there. Whenever Montell wanted to do the ABCs he kept spelling out that his tongue hurt. I asked him if they were giving him medicine for his tongue and he nodded “yes”. He wanted to be repositioned twice (pushed up in the bed), the first time I was permitted to stay in the room however, the second time the guard came in and told me that I had to step out the room. For the life of me I can’t figure out why this is necessary, I’m not crazy enough to try and do something to someone who’s helping my child. The porter forgot to put the large pillow under his head so I did.
Warden Chandler came into his room and spoke to him and left me some paper and pens in his tray table as promised. I asked him if he had been told how much he weighed and started counting from a 100 when I got 105 he nodded that was what he weighed. I told him that I had heard that he would be coming to the University of Illinois again sometime next week and asked him if he would be enjoying the ride and he nodded “yes”. I asked him if he was eating all his food and he nodded “yes”. When it was almost time for me to leave him I told him that I wouldn’t be there tomorrow but he could always closed his eyes and see me and he nodded “yes”. I also told him that even though I’m not allowed to be there every day with him that I could be there in the spirit and nobody could take that away from us. I then kissed him and Officer C. Masters escorted me back to the main gate.

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trenda said...

may god bless you and keep you strong i kinda know how you feel i have a son in prison here in the state of georgia and his health is ok but almost 4 years ago my son's body was brun almost 60% and he has been in prison almost 3 years and dose not get a lot of mecial,, don't give up hope keep faith in are lord and may god bless you