Sunday, November 11, 2007


11/11/07 – Today I arrived at Dixon Correction Center at 12:45 p.m. when I entered the Main Gate Office I was told by Officer C. Dunn that she had no clearance for me to visit Montell she stated that she was not going to deny me though. She then called someone and when she came back to the desk I told her that I had told Warden Chandler that I would be coming Sunday when I talked to her on Thursday morning. She then called the infirmary and told them I was there. Officer C. Simpson escorted me to the infirmary.

When I arrived there, a nurse was in his room so I stood outside the door until she finished doing whatever she was doing. As I entered his room I noticed that there was a “Kangaroo feeding machine” in his room, I also heard a loud sounding machine. Montell was lying on his right side so I went over and kissed him. He wanted to do the ABCs. He was able o spell out the “sound” referring to the machine. There was also a TV in his room but it wasn’t hooked up and he wanted it to be. I told him I didn’t see a extension cord nor a socket to plug it in so I couldn’t it on. He then motioned for me to turn on the radio, I did. I asked him if he felt well today and he nodded his head from side to side indicating “no”. As I sat down beside his bed I noticed that his call button was wrapped around the bed railing below his waist and if he needed help, he would not be able to reach the button so I moved it so he could use it. I then stepped over to see what the machine was that was hooked up to him and making that noise. A nurse (with no nametag on) dressed in navy blue pants and shirt with brown hair came in and hollered at me not to touch it. I told her that I was looking at it and not touching it. She left the room. The machine that Montell is hooked up to is a “Blue Sky Versatile Wound Vacuum System” for his bedsores I noticed that the container seemed to have some blood in it. I asked Montell if he was eating by mouth as well and he nodded up and down.

Montell pointed to his left side indicating that he wanted to be turned. I pushed the call button and the nurse came back in and I left the room and stood outside the door. When I returned to the room Montell had me saying the ABCs and he then drifted off to sleep for about 40 minutes, when he woke up he indicating that his right knee was hurting so I got up to move his knee out of the position it was in. The nurse came in again hollering at me to get out the room because she didn’t want me touching his wounds. As if she thought I was stupid enough to do anything to hurt Montell. She then ordered me to step out the room and go down the hall through the double doors. Then I told her that Warden Chandler had told me that all this going down the hall and through the double doors wasn’t necessary and I sat down in the chair. She went back into the nurses’ station without helping Montell. So I decided after a few seconds to go down the hall and through the double doors. I asked Officer Simpson to escort me in order for her to go into Montell’s room and help him. When I returned I told her that I would be reporting all this Warden Chandler in the morning. I feel that Warden Chandler needs to informed her medical staff that she has asked me to step out the room when the medical staff are helping Montell because as she told me, “all this other stuff isn’t necessary". I have enough to deal with besides being approached by rude and unprofessional medical staff personnel. I don’t holler at them and I don’t want them hollering at me.