Sunday, November 18, 2007


11/18/07 – Today I arrived at the main gate at 12:47 p.m. Officer Pearson escorted me to the infirmary we arrived there at 1:20 p.m. Montell was lying on his left side and the “call button” was wrapped around the right side railing. I went around to the left side of the bed to kiss him. I noticed that the Wound Vacuum machine’s cylinder was cleaned and that the tubing coming from his wounds (bedsores) was clear. There was no odor today. Montell tried to reach the railing with his right hand and I helped him. I also noticed that his teeth are turning yellow. There was a folding screen in his room today. I wonder what for? Today the pillow that Montell’ s head was on was covered. I asked him if it’s that way everyday and he nodded “no”. I asked him if he had eaten by mouth today and he nodded “yes”. I noticed that he was having quite a few spasms and when he had them he would began to cry. I asked if they were hurting him and he nodded “yes”. I asked him to hold my hand and let me share some of his pain. I held his hand and placed my hand on his forehand and he felt warm as well as his hand. I asked him if he was feeling well and he nodded “yes”. I asked him if he wanted to do the ABCs and he nodded “no” so I told him to let me know when he wanted to do them with me.

Montell begin staring at the cards in his windowsill, I asked him if he wanted me to read them to him. He nodded “yes” so I began reading them to him. The male guard who sits in the nurses’ station (short, stocky with brown hair) came into the room at 1:40 p.m. and told me that I was not supposed to touch anything in the room. I informed him that I was reading the cards to Montell and he stated that someone had already read him the cards. There was also some pictures of cats that someone had sent him. Montell wanted me to do the ABCs he let me know that he wanted his pillow repositioned under his head. I noticed that his lips were chapped.

At 2 p.m. the nurse told Officer Pearson that she needed to reposition Montell and that I had to leave the room, I did. We walked down the hall and through the double doors. When I arrived back in the room at 2:07 p.m. Montell was lying on his right side. Montell drifted off to sleep for 35 minutes. When he woke up he wanted me to place his pillow so that his head would lay in the middle instead of on the edge where the nurse had placed it. I told him that Leon and I would be see him on Tuesday and that we plan to spend Thanksgiving with him. At 2:47 p.m. someone from the nurses’ staff office informed Officer Pearson that visited was up. I am supposed to have visiting privileges with Montell for two hours. It doesn’t matter if I get there early or not, I never get to spend my full two hours with Montell. I kissed him and told him that I loved him and left. I arrived back at the main gate and signed out at 2:54 p.m. I found out today that the some of the inmates are given four hours visiting privileges.


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