Thursday, November 29, 2007


11/26/07 – Today when Leon and I arrived I noticed right away that Montell wasn’t feeling well. I felt his forehead and it was warm however, his right hand was cold. He was just lying in the bed moaning. I asked if something was hurting him and he nodded ‘yes”. He had his mouth opened and it seemed that he was having a hard time breathing. He was having quite a few spasms as well. A nurse came in and drew some blood. Montell is still grinding his teeth. The RN came in and took his vitals. Montell’s heart rate is 125 and it should be 80. I couldn’t keep Montell focus on doing the ABCs. Montell practically slept most of the two hours that we were with him. When it was time to leave him I kissed him and told him that we were see him tomorrow.

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