Thursday, November 29, 2007


11/29/07 – Today when I arrived at KSB Hospital and saw Montell he was laying on his left side. Montell was quite upset, he was crying and wanted me to do the ABCs. When I begin he was able to spell out “right hand”. I immediately looked to see what he was trying to tell me and to my surprise I saw flex cuffs on him. They had restrained his right arm to the bed and he was upset about this. He had me spell out “why and what for”. I asked Officer Miller to call the Dixon CC and ask for the warden for me. When Warden Chandler came to the phone I asked her why Montell had these flex cuffs on him. He is not supposed to be restrained and she told me that the hospital administrative staff had requested this. Later when I left the hospital I called my attorney and told him about this. I received a call later and was told that Montell had allegedly hit a nurse last week when she was giving him a shot. However, I was there from 1:05 p.m. to 3:05 p.m. and they were on him then. I received a call after he had checked into this matter and was told that the flex cuffs are only to be placed on him when the nurses are giving him a shot or
draw blood. I also noticed that Montell was getting antibodies again
Montell wanted me to turn him to his right side and when I did he want me to put his right hand in between the bed railing. I noticed that when I did this that part of the flex cuff was hitting his wrist. He also wanted his left hand inserted into the same space but that was impossible because his left arm is contracted and wouldn’t reach the hole. A RN came in and inserted some potassium through his feeding tube. I asked her what it was and she told me that his potassium was low. The she gave him a shot to keep his blood from clogging, I held his right hand. After she left Montell wanted me to put his right and left hand on his pillow so he could hold on to it, I did. He just laid there and watched me for awhile and then he drifted off to sleep. He seemed to be doing better today and he was a little verbal but it was slurred. When he woke up he wanted to watch the television and some more football. However, he drifted back off to sleep and I had to wake him up to let him know that I was leaving and that I would see him tomorrow. I kissed him and told him not to worry, we would get things straightened out.
Assistant Warden Transoco called me and told me that Montell was being transported to the University of Illinois Medical Center tonight. He told me call him or Warden Chandler and they would give me his room number in the morning.


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