Wednesday, October 31, 2007


10/30/07 – I called the prison at 9:15 a.m. to find out how Montell was doing. I talked with Lynne in Medical and she stated she couldn’t tell me anything, I needed to talk with Warden Chandler. I asked her to transfer me to her office. The secretary told me that Warden Chandler was on the phone, so I asked her to have her call me on my cell phone and left my number. I received a call from the Warden at 4:28 p.m. She stated that she had been quite busy today however, she had been in the Infirmary but did not check on Montell. She told me that she had fed him some sherbet on Monday and she would continue to feed him all the sherbet and pudding he would eat. I told her that when I arrived at the main gate yesterday Officer C. Dunn immediately told me that I was supposed to visit Montell on Wednesday. I responded by telling her she needed to check with the Warden, she did. I also told her about being escorted down the hall whenever the nursing staff was in Montell’s room. I feel that this isn’t necessary for I am not crazy enough to do anything to anyone who is trying to help him. She assured me that this would not happen again. She also told me that I wouldn’t have to ask for paper and pens again that there would be some in Montell’s room at all times. Personally, I feel that some of her staff need some “Sensitivity and Interpersonal Skill Training” for they have no idea how to deal with the public.

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