Thursday, November 29, 2007


11/22/07 – Leon and I arrived at KSB Hospital at 1:30 p.m., when we got to Montell’s room he was lying on his left side in a fetal position. Montell was a little verbal today however, most of his speech was slurred. Montell told us that he would rather in in Stateville than go back to Dixon. He feels that they would take better care of him. A nurse came in to take his temperature but Montell wouldn’t open his mouth, he wanted her to take it from under his arm. His temperature was 97.6 and his pulse was 100. I noticed that Montell was having quite a few spasms and I wondered if they had increased his dosage of Baclofin yet. He wanted Leon to move his left leg because his right leg was lying on top of it. When Leon did this, he let us know that he felt better. Montell then spelled out football to me letting me know that he wanted to watch a game after a little while he drifted off to sleep for about fifteen minutes. When he woke up he wanted to watch a basketball game. He watched it for awhile and then he drifted off to sleep for about ten minutes. I also noticed that his lips were quite chapped and asked for vaseline to put on them. The nurse bought me some. When we were ready to leave, I kissed Montell on the forehead and told him we would be back out there tomorrow.

11/23/07 -- Leon and I arrived at KSB Hospital at 11:45 a.m. We got a chance to talk with Dr. Kahn and he told us that Montell has an infection in his blood. I asked where was it coming from? Dr. Kahn stated that he didn’t know whether it was coming from his bedsores or not. He’s giving him two types of antibodies to try and fight the infection. Montell is also receiving IV. Montell murmured that it came from the dirty wash cloth that had maggots in it at Dixon CC. Montell had told us this same thing on June 8th when we visited him. The prison denies that he ever had maggots. I then asked him if Dixon took good care of him and he shook his head from side to side indicating “No”. I then asked him if he was being taken good care of at KSB and he shook his head up and down indicating “Yes”.
The nurse came in to take Montell’s vitals. His temperature was 97.1 and his blood pressure was 95 over 62. Montell indicating to Leon that he wanted to be moved to his left side but he has to lie on his right side for two hours and then Leon could move him. Montell watched television and then Leon moved him to his left side. He indicated that he wanted the blinds opened, Leon opened them. He wanted Leon to cover him up. Montell spelled out the word “protein” and let us know that he wanted some. He had saw this on television. Later on a nurse came in and asked Montell if he wanted a flu shot and Montell shook his head from side to side indicating “no”. Montell let us know that they had taken blood four times yesterday and he didn’t want any more needles. He wanted Leon to pull his watch up on his arm, it seems today that I can’t do anything for him except say the “ABCs” he wants his brother to do everything except that. I noticed that they were feeding Montell Ensure. When it was time to leave I kissed Montell and told him we would be back tomorrow.

11/24/07 – Today when Leon and I arrived in Montell’s room he was being cleaned up. Later on he wanted Leon to move his right hand. Montell then watched a football game for a little while then he drifted off to sleep. When he woke up he wanted Leon to move his right hand so that he could hold on to the bed railing, Leon did. I noticed that Montell is still wearing the heart monitor. Montell has started grinding his teeth. There is an order that Montell doesn’t receive anything by mouth. A nurse came in and put a Texas catheter on him. Another nurse came in and took his vitals. His temperature is 98. Montell wasn’t having as many spasms as usual. He was sleeping quite a bit.. When it was time for us to leave I woke Montell up to let him know that we were leaving and would see him tomorrow.

11/25/07 -- Today when Leon, Dametra and I arrived Montell was lying in his bed on his right side. When Dametra told him that she loved him, he smiled. Dametra checked his output and said that it was good, l50 cc and that the coloring was good also. I noticed after awhile that a little tear was coming down the right side of his face. He seems to be happy with his sister and brother. I just sat back and watched them interact with each other. When Montell and I were doing the ABCs he couldn’t seem to stay focus and became frustrated and began to cry. I told him that was alright we could do them later. Then he begin rubbing his bottom lip and Dametra asked from some vaseline and put it on his lip. While doing the ABCs Montell let us know that his index finger was crooked like my father. I noticed that whenever Montell wanted anything done for him only is sister or brother could do it, I was only allowed to do the ABCs with him.
Montell drifted off to sleep for awhile. I think he was excited about being with his siblings. I know that I enjoyed having all my children in one room at the same time. We had to leave Montell so we all kissed him goodbye and I let him know that I would see him tomorrow.

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