Wednesday, November 7, 2007


11/4/07 – Today when I arrived at the hospital to see Montell there was some confusion as to whether or not I would be permitted to see Montell because there was no paperwork stating that I was allowed to see him.
When I arrived at Montell’s room he was lying in the bed and noticed that he had IV and antibiotics inserts into his left arm. I saw Dr. Batchu and he asked me a lot of medical questions about Montell. He told me that Dixon hadn’t sent any medical records. The only one he could find was from Dr. Skias who looked at Montell for the IDOC at the U of I and they were vague. I told him that Montell had been at KSB Hospital in Dixon and that I had those records and would have my Attorney get a copy for them. I as told him that I have a copy of Dr Kohn’s notes and would give him those myself. Montell’s breakfast tray was still in his room and I looked under the tray’s cover. Montell had only eaten maybe a fork full of his pureed French toast but nobody had bother to put the syrup over that. For lunch I fed him a little of his pureed carrots, about 3 ounces of his thickened grape juice, three-fourth of his applesauce and about 2 ounces vanilla dairy thicken. Today I also noticed that Montell had 12 scars on his right arm from the handcuffs being on him at KSB Hospital.
The Wound Care Therapist came in an examined Montell’s bedsores. She redressed his wounds and told me that the plastic surgeon would decide whether or not he needed surgery.

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