Wednesday, October 31, 2007


10/19/07 – Today I drove to Dixon and signed in and then went to KSB Hospital to see Montell. He was supposed to be having surgery today but it was rescheduled.
10/20/07 – Today I went to Dixon Correctional Center and signed in however, I was told that they didn’t have anyone to come over to the hospital to search me. I had called them at 9:30 a.m. after I had received a phone call from my Attorney that I was supposed to meet Dr. Kohn a neurologist at the hospital and be there when he examined him. I waited about 30 minutes and told the guard I had to leave for hospital so that I wouldn’t missed the doctor. She informed me that if I left I wouldn’t be able to see Montell. I called my Attorney and he advised me to leave however, I had to wait until another visitor was coming into the facilities in order to get out the door because its locked and they buzz you in and out. When the opportunity came and she buzzed the people in I slipped out the door and went to the hospital. They were trying to keep me in the prison so I would miss the doctor. To my surprise when I arrived there, there was a female officer already there along with Officer Dupree who informed me that when the doctor came I had to leave. I informed him that I knew my legal rights and that I was supposed to stay in the room while he was being examined but that he had to leave. When Dr. Kohn arrived Office Dupree stayed in the room. As the doctor was examining Montell I got a chance to see his body. His buttock looks so bad, he practical raw back there, I wanted to cry but wouldn’t in front of Montell. The doctor then told me that Montell had approximately three months to live if he didn’t have the surgeries and if he did he had six months to live. I’m not worried because I have faith in GOD and know that he never fails. In all Montell is supposed to have four surgeries. After Dr. Kohn left, Montell let me know he was cold. While I was covering up his right side my earring slipped out my ear. When I went to the left side of the bed to cover him up I noticed that Officer Dupree got up from the chair and came over where I had been standing and then went back and sat down. He then told me that I had dropped something, I told him that I didn’t think so and he informed me that I had dropped my ear ring. When I went to pick it up I noticed that it had been smashed. I didn’t say anything to him but I did report it to my Attorney and to Assistant Warden Trancoso. Montell does not want to be chained to the bed.
10/21/07 – Today I went to see Montell. Montell wanted to tell me something so I ask Officer Simpson if I could use one of the pen he had in shirt pocket and if he would go into the washroom and get me some paper towel to write on. He told me that he didn’t loan his pens out and if I wanted one I had to get it from the nurse. So, I pressed the call button for the nurse. When she came in I asked her for a pen and some paper. She bought them to me. Officer Simpson evidently thought I was going to be crazy enough to go out the room to get them. I hated pressing the call button but I had been told from day one that if I left the room my visit would be over. I noticed that Montell kept having spasms they came in rapid session, he would have three or four within a two-minute time frame, Montell constantly complains about being chained to the bed. I told him that if I could I would take those cuffs off him and throw them in the river. Montell is a human being and not an animal. Humans shouldn’t be chained. When I left the hospital I called Warden Chandler and asked her if I could bring in my own pen and paper. She told me that she would let me know. I later received a call from her telling me that I could.
10/22/07 – Today Dr. Khawaja told me that he was planning on doing surgery on Montell in the morning. I told him that I appreciated all that they had done for Montell but would like to have him transferred to the University of Illinois in Chicago for his surgeries. He agreed and said that he would have the nurse start making arrangements for the transfer and that he would probably be leaving in the morning. He told me to call the nurses’ station at 9:30 a.m. in the morning and they would let me know when Montell was leaving the hospital. Montell is looking better but he’s still complaining about the handcuffs on his right hand.
10/23/07 – I didn’t go to visit Montell today because he was supposed to be coming to the University of Illinois. They didn’t bring him.
10/24/07 – When I arrived at the hospital today, Nurse Ollean told me that Montell wasn’t eating well. I told her that he would eat. As I arrived at his room the feeder was coming out with his tray. I told her to leave it in the room and I would feed Montell. Montell’s food has to be pureed and thickened. On his tray he had cream of chicken soup, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, applesauce and Ensure Plus and lemonade which was honey consistency, Montell ate all the food but it took me approximately one hour and twenty minutes to get him to finish tray. I see the problem of him not eating as to the fact that the person feeding him doesn’t take the tine that is required. During this time he wanted to communicate to me by me saying the ABCs.
10/25/07 – This morning I called KSB Hospital and asked them to keep Montell’s lunch tray in his room so that I could feed him. Today lunch was cream of chicken soup veal cutlet-ground, mashed potatoes and brown gravy, squash (he tasted it but didn’t eat it, I wish I had some brown sugar to make it sweet and he probably would had eaten it), sliced peaches (pureed), lemonade (honey consistency). He ate every thing except the veal which I tried to fool him and but in his mashed potatoes but he doesn’t eat meat. He held up his finger to tell me to feed him one thing at a time. I told him that I still couldn’t fool him.

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