Saturday, October 6, 2007

Denied Visits Five Consecutive Times

Yesterday (10/5) I tried to visit Montell. I arrived at Dixon’s main gate at 1:30 p.m. Officer Lawry escorted me to the infirmary however, when we got to the second floor of the infirmary I wasn’t allowed in. The guard stated that I had to wait for the Warden to come over. We waited approximately 35 minutes. I saw her walk past me through the window to the door (West Wing) which was locked where Montell is housed. He’s in cell 23. Five minutes later the Warden Chandler came out and said Montell didn’t want to see me but he would see his sister. However, the Warden had been made aware of the fact that she hadn’t accompanied me on this visit.

Montell couldn’t have told her he would see his sister instead of me because he wasn’t aware that she was coming. I feel that once the Warden knew my daughter wasn’t there because I had called them Thursday, October 4th and told them she would be coming she decided not to let me see Montell for the 5th consecutive time. I will continue to go out there every Friday. I will not stop trying to see my son.

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