Wednesday, October 31, 2007


10/17/07 – Today we went to Dixon Correctional Center and signed in and then drove back to KSB Hospital to see Montell. When Dametra and I got there, we had to wait for a guard to search us and then we were allowed a two-hour visit. There is a male guard in the room at all times. Montell’s right arm is handcuffed to the bed. His has left arm has IV and antibiotics inserted in it. Dametra and I both notice that the left side of his face was dented in and that around the left side of his eye was swollen and there was a bruise on his eyelid. I questioned him about it and then Supertindent Dusing stood up and spread eagle at the foot of the bed railing and Montell told whispered “Let it Go”. This was clearly a form of intimidation. Montell continually complained about being chained to the bed. Where is he going? He can’t walk or do anything for his self, this is inhuman.

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