Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Denied 3 consecutive visits - 230 miles roundtrip each visit

9/13/07 -- Yesterday (9/12) I tried to visit Money (Montell's nickname) and was denied again. When I got to the infirmary a porter told us that Montell wasn't ready. We waited approximately 20-25 minutes and the warden came out. She claimed I hadn't called in and there was no paperwork. I told her I had called ln between 8:00 and 8:05 a.m. on Monday and talked with Lynne. She stated that she wasn't in today and she couldn't verify what I said. I then told her that she was awae of the fact that I come in every Wednesday, of course she denied that she knew that. I then asked her what was wrong with Lynne's fingers that the paperwork wasn't typed she then stated that I didn't have to say that. She then went back where Money was or so she said and came out 15 minutes later and told me he didn't feel well and wanted me to come back on Friday and asked the officer to escort me off the premises.

When I got to my car I called Roger Walker, Director of IDOC and of course he wouldn't talk with me so I told his secretary Bridgett what had transpired and asked her to put me in touch with Mr. Guy Pierce the warden's supervisor and she did. After talking with him he told me that he would straighten this matter out and assured me that I wouldn't have to go through this again (the third time),. He will put on the computer that my visits are every Wednesday from l to 3 p.m. and I will be able to visit Money without having to call in every Monday morning. Our meeting accommodations according to him will also be changed.

9/19/07 – Today I went to Dixon to visit Montell and was denied another visit. Warden Chandler told me that he wanted me to come back on Friday, the 21st. I told her that I all I wanted to do was see Montell. When went into the visiting room in a private close off area and she stated that in the near future they would be inserting a "G-tube" in Montell for feeding purposes. I tried to reach Roger Walker and Guy Pierce to no avail. Mr. Pierce’s secretary said that he was in a meeting and couldn’t be disturbed and that she would have him call me. .He never did>

9/21/07 – Today I went to Dixon to visit Montell and was denied by Assistant Warden Trancoso. He stated that Montell told him to tell me to come back next Friday. I arrived at 12:50 p.m. and left the facilities at 1:25 p.m. (Today wrote down my mileage and its 230 miles roundtrip,)


FreeMarshallThompkins said...

It was certainly a pleasure speaking with you. The site is awesome! Continue to fight the fight, and know that you are in my heart and your family in my prayers!

kbandell said...

...this is frightening....I did not see a petition....is there anything additional which can and/or which should be done to request for Montell Johnson a compassionate release?...please advise and in peace....