Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Backing up: Visiting Montell from Aug 1- Aug 20, 2007

8/01/07 – Today I went to visit Montell. When I got there I noticed that he needed to be shave and have his haircut. His tee shirt was clean and they had put two chairs out and had a pen and pad in one of the chair. Montell still isn’t getting his meals and the call button hasn’t be fix where it goes into the nurses’ station rather than the cell next door.
While I was there Montell had ten spasms/seizures within less then two hours. He basically just laid there and let me talk to him about this childhood.

8/02/07 – Dr. Skias called me today. I asked him if he would like to meet with me, Dr. Orris, Ted Pearson and Attorney Hirshman regarding Montell’s health problem. He agreed to call Dr. Orris in two or three days and set up a meeting however, it would have to be later this month because he is going out of town. He told me that Montell was in the secondary stages of chronic progressive MS and there wasn’t any treatment for this stage. He stted that Montell needs further treatment. I told him that Montell had told me that they weren’t giving him "copaxone" anymore. Dr. Skias told me that he would never have discontinued giving him copaxone. However, during my visit yesterday I noticed that Montell had ten seizures or spasms in less than two hours. Montell told me that they were giving him ‘spasm’ medicine. And that there is medicine for the seizures/spasms that he should be given. At present Montell is given Baclofen.

8/8/07 – Went to see Montell today. I visited him in another area. This room had tables and chairs, television and a bookshelf with books on it. However, when I went to turn the television on, I was told that Montell couldn’t watch it because he was in segregation. Montell repeatly asked the officer if he could watch the TV. Even though he spoke with a slurred tone you could understand some of the times he was saying. He’s still not getting all of his meals and I understand that his call button goes to another cell and not to the nurses’ station. Therefore when he rings for help he gets none. They had his head laid back in the gerry chair again with his feet up. This position causes him to get strangled and they know it. Montell had eight spasms/seizures within a two hour tiframe.

8/13/07 – I called to let them know that I would be coming to see Montell on 8/15/07,
Around 2:30 p.m. Lynne called me back and said that I couldn’t come because Montell was scheduled to come to the University of Illinois to be examined because he kept getting strangled. I told her that I wanted them to let him know that I would be down there on Thursday to see him.

8/16/07 – Today I went to visit Montell and when I got there I was told that there was a problem. At 2:25 p.m. warden Chandler came down and told me that Montell was denying my visit. I told her that I didn’t believe this and she stated she had told him that I had driven a long distance and that he got irrated and said the didn’t want any visits today. This seems strange to me since I had told Lynne to explain to Montell that I wasn’t able to visit the previous day because they were bringing him to UIC Hospital.

8/20/07 – I called Dixon and talked with Lynne I told her that I would be in on Wednesday, August 22nd to see Montell at l:00 p.m.

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