Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Visiting Montel: Aug 29 and Sept 5, 2007

8/29/07 – Today I visited Montell. When I arrived at the infirmary Montell was in the gerry chair and he looked very uncomfortable. He tried to change his position from left to right. He was non-verbal and tears were streaming down his face. The washing machine and dyer was running and quite noisy and this seemed to be irritating him. II asked him if anybody had done anything to him and he shook his head as to be saying "No". I asked him if he had received all his meals, he shook his head from side to side.

I noticed that he had his watch on today and it had a battery in it. He still has his radio. He couldn’t remember if he had saw Dr. Ngu or the Warden Chandler this week. He gets a chance to sit in gerry chair everyday. Montell seemed to be really hurting on his right side and I asked the officer to get the nurse to come in and reposition him.. He did, however, when she came out she stated that he had to remove me from the areas because she didn’t want to interact with me in anyway. The officer directed me down the hall but we didn’t go out the door. I heard Montell make a strange sound while she was repositioning him. When I came back into the room where Montell was, he was trying to scratch his head. He had on his thermal undershirt, however, it looked like they were trying to drown him in body powder. Today Montell had eight spasms/seizures.

9/5/07 – Today I visited Montell. He was in the "laundry room" again and smelled like mildew. Montell told me that they had sprayed the room and that some of the spray got on his head. Montell was lying in the gerry chair and had three spasms/seizures with my first ten minutes of the visit. I noticed that he could move his fingers on his left hand a little bit but the arm never moved. He told me that he saw a therapist and that he moved his arms and legs one time this week. His hair was cut and he had been shaved. He started blinking his eye, he thinks he has an eye lash in it, I tried to blow it out. I noticed he didn’t have his watch on today. He was lying on a pillow today, because his right buttock hurts he stated that he didn’t feel well and wanted to go back to his room. I asked the officer to escort me back to the main gate because I didn’t want him to suffer any longer. Our visit was for 40 minutes and this time he had a total of eight spasms/seizures within that timeframe.

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