Saturday, December 15, 2007


12/15/07 – I arrived at the hospital at 5:25 p.m., I found Montell lying on his right side in a fetal position. Montell was whining and he seemed very agitated. When he saw me he wanted me to pull his sheet up and he let me know that he was cold and wanted a blanket. I rung his call button to ask for a blanket since there was none in the room. Montell let me know at 5:35 p.m. that he was wet. I went to the nurses’ station to let them know. The nurses came in at 5:45 p.m. and we found out that he was lying in his feces. The rectum tube has been removed. I asked why and the nurse told me that his stool was too hard to go through the tube. I don’t know how long he had been lying in that. Evidently, some must have gotten into his bedsores because they cleaned the areas and put some more gauze and tape over the opened wounds. He has two on his right hip and one going across his rectum. That must have been painful for him. Montell was given Baclofin at 6:05 p.m. and at that time he was having spasms frequently. Before they left they turned him to his left side.

Montell indicated to me that he wanted his right hand on his shoulder, I placed it there for him. Then he wanted me to pull his legs and feet to his right. He wanted his blanket pulled down. Montell wanted me to cover up both his hands while they were lying on his shoulders. I asked him if he had seen the doctor today and he nodded “yes”. Montell let me know that he wanted me to take the pillow from his head and place it under his left leg. I have noticed that if Montell’s leg is laid on top of a pillow no matter which leg is next to the bed and a pillow placed between them and his feet he doesn’t have as many spasms. He can’t have his legs and feet touching each other because of that. Montell later wanted to hold his left hand on his shoulder, I placed it there and then he started yawning. After awhile he let me know that he wanted his left hand to touch the mattress and his right hand to touch his pillow.

Montell wanted me to pull him up higher in the bed, I did. Montell through the ABCs spelled out “what’s up” and looked over at the guard. I didn’t answer him but I pray to God everyday that he would touch these people’s hearts and they let Montell along. Montell isn’t any harm to anyone and the guards being there is psychologically doing more damage, haven’t they done enough to him already? There is no need for them to even be there, Montell is not going to walk or fly off anywhere. He constantly watches them. I wish he could tell me why?

Montell then through the ABCs asked what day was it. I told him Saturday, December 15th and he nodded. Montell through the ABCs spelled “why” and looked at the guard again. The guard was sitting quietly on his left side by the wall and then Montell started whining and drifted off to sleep for about ten minutes. During that time I went to the nurses’ station to speak with his nurse and get his vitals. Montell’s temperature was 99, pulse 88, respiration 22, blood pressure 114 over 73, oxygen 99 and his output for the day was 2,000. These vitals were taken at 3:30 p.m.
Montell woke up and kept rubbing his face. He wants to be shaved. I called Warden Wright on Monday, December 10th and asked if they could do this. I was told that they could trim his facial hairs down a little but not entirely because it would distort his appearance. I wonder how would they like to look like he does now. When Montell was able to take care of himself, he was neat. The worst I’ve ever seen him in his life is since he’s had to depend on others to take care of his hygiene needs. He also needs some deodorant and I’m not permitted to bring him any and the IDOC hasn’t provided any.

Later on Montell let me know that he wanted his left hand on the mattress again. He lies in the bed just staring at the guard and then looking at me. He’s uncomfortable having these guards there and it hurts me to see my child hurting. Montell then placed his right and left hands on his shoulder and then drifted off to sleep for about ten minutes. He woke up and wanted me to pull him up higher in the bed, when I did this he started whining again. I asked him why and he let me know that he wasn’t feeling well. I let Montell know that I would soon have to leave and told him that I loved him and would be back tomorrow after mother and I got out of church. I don’t know how people could be so insensitive and heartless, why can’t they let Montell live his remaining days in dignity and leave him alone.


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